After living abroad for the last 20 years, I returned to South Africa in August 2017, due to an unfortunate event of being denied re-entry into the United States. My story made Local News in the USA on CBS News and Richmond BizSense
But with a wealth of experience gained abroad, plus much love and support from my family, I have started all over again and re-launched Nettie's Naturally in my beloved country, in April 2018.


It all started in 1997, after graduating with a degree in Optometry, I left South Africa and took off to London. Soon my lifestyle and eating habits changed, along with my energy levels, motivation & dress size! After a while, I knew I had to change my ways, so I decided to follow a 30 day detox which opened my eyes to a whole new world & my passion for nutrition was born!

​​After two years of enduring English weather, I relocated to sunny Australia, where my quest into nutrition continued. I enrolled into an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine at the Nature Care College in Sydney and learnt how we each have a unique biochemistry. 

Naturally, I wanted to understand my own biochemistry and through this, discovered that I have Insulin Resistance. My sweet tooth was my driving force to revamp my dessert recipes with low-glycemic sugar-free ingredients, without losing the taste. I noticed that cafes & restaurants did not offer such options and saw an opportunity.


In 2011, I relocated to the United States and opened Nettie's Naturally in Richmond, Virginia, which supplied local Cafes, Restaurants and Organic Supermarkets. The Nettie's Naturally Café was located in the Historic neighborhood of Jackson Ward and closed August, 2017.

Nettie's Naturally re-opened on 19 April 2018, in South Africa, by launching a global Online Store, offering National & Worldwide Shipping.